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Amazon Fire TV

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The Amazon Fire Stick is considered as one of the most affordable devices. With a smaller price tag than its predecessor, it is one of the best streaming players in the Amazon ecosystem.

The Amazon Fire Stick is designed like a Flash drive and can stream content with a resolution of 1080p. The player is accompanied by a voice-controlled remote called Alexa. And the latest model is powered by a quad-core processor replacing the existing dual-core processor. This model comes with a dedicated section for Prime Video, has an unobtrusive design, the keyboard comes greatly improved and a long list of apps.

All-New Fire TV – 3rd Generation


Currently, in circulation and in great demand, the third generation Fire TV stick launched in 2017, has already received rave reviews and is fast catching up with users. The new, powerful streaming device comes with a Bluetooth remote control and loads of apps. The stick is amazingly versatile, intelligent and for Amazon, it is a runaway success. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is considered as the fastest-selling device ever.

The prominent features of the Amazon Fire TV (3RDGeneration) includes Wired and wireless Ethernet Connectivity options, Amazon Ethernet Adapter, and the Alexa voice Remote. Other features are:

  • 8 GB and 2 GB storage spaces
  • The Audio output supported by the device includes HDMI and Dolby Atmosphere
  • The compatible USB devices include Keyboard, Mouse, Dongles and a few more
  • The compatible Bluetooth devices include Blue tooth Game controllers, Headphones, Keyboards, Third-party devices, etc.