Full HD Home Entertainment Projector


Amazing Color

1080p Quality


Integrated Speakers

Light Weight

Smart Projection

Optoma is a popular company that specializes in projection technology due to which it has a diversified catalog of projectors and accessories spanning several years.

Optoma Projector HD142X


  • Convenient and easy to setup
  • The device’s maximum display resolution is 190 x 1080p
  • It has a contrast ratio of 23,000:1
  • Formulated with the DMD-chip DLP or Digital Light Processing technology
  • It is due to the limited space between pixels that the projector ensures brilliant and clear imagery
  • The projector displays an image as big as 305.5” from a distance of 32 feet clearly from corner to corner
  • It has a very simple and user-friendly interface
  • A single menu forms most of the device’s control
  • Presets are modified according to user requirements
  • Is not locked into a fixed refresh rate every time
  • The device is noiseless and does not emit any heat
  • Lightweight and portable – carry and connect it elsewhere other than your own premises
  • Provides clear and resonating sound due to integrated speakers
  • Connect a range of devices with the help of the HDMI input
  • Use the HDMI dongle to convert it into a smart device
  • Instantly powered again after initial switch off
  • View presentations and documents by connecting your smartphones and tablets with a single cable
  • Play games and on your games console even with low input latency