Customer Support Services

We support streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon firestick, and Chromecast. We also give support to channels activation. This support is valid for six months.

Support services we offer:

Our team mainly focuses on

  • Activating devices such as Chromecast, Amazon firestick, and Roku. If there are multiple devices, we charge service fee only for the first device and rest of the devices are activated at no cost as they are included in the 6-month support.
  • Channel activation
    • Channel subscription & un-subscription
    • Activating the channels
    • Switching customers from cable subscription to streaming player by suggesting free channels and reducing the monthly cost.

Issues in Roku

  • Remote issue
  • No signal issue
  • No audio issue
  • Network issue (Error codes)
  • HDCP issue
  • Replacement (Roku)
    • In case of hardware issue in Roku, customer support agents will get the device serial number and billing address of the customer. They will then have a conversation with the customers through chat and replace the device.

Channels issues

  • Channel activation & issues (need to have a cable subscription)
    • If the customer is not sure with the cable username and password, our customer support agents will make a conference call with the cable provider and fix the issue.
    • If there is an issue in the channel, our customer support team will call the respected channel and get some discounts for the customers.

Network issues

We also provide services to eradicate issues like

Error codes

  • In the case of errors like Mac block and Firewall issues, our experts will make a conference call with the ISP (Internet service provider) and fix the issues for the customers.

Password issue

  • If the customer is not sure with the internet password our agents will make a conference call with the ISP to secure valid username and password.

Amazon firestick & Chromecast Support

We also provide guidance for the following.

  • Device activation
  • Network issue
  • Remote issue
  • Channel activation

To learn more, visit our website or give a ring to our toll-free number +1-866-992-3680. Our expert technicians will be more than happy to provide the required guidance and clarify your queries.